Saturday, September 25, 2010

2012 our Spiritual Awakening to Ourselfs, not Doomsday, but Bloomsday.

A visual music video to our spiritual awakening happening now and beyond 2012. Time is happening faster, more light is hitting our planet with solar flares, changes in our DNA with David Wilcock research findings, sound therapy, vibration, entrainment, Max the Crystal Skull, Dr. Salo Stanley sound therapy helping raise consciousness with vibration. Time travel with Cern Laboratory, Ronald Mallett physics research with time, crop circles, getting off the matrix. We are all one video. DMT the spirit molecule, pineal gland awakening. A positive vibe video to stimulate our higher centers of the brain, to entrain to a spiritual awakening. Please leave comments regarding the video and experience. If you email me off my website and mention this video 2012 and blog in the email you are welcome to come in for a free sound therapy session $40 value 30 min. Fresno, California tower district. I will respond back with details regarding the email request.

Many Blessings of love and light!

Salo Stanley, D.C.