Friday, May 14, 2010

Tobe's Tips Wisdom of a 4 legged Zen Master

Chasing Tail Is It Worth It?

I view humans coming into my spiritual comrade's Chiropractic office each day. I greet each 2 legged human with a smile and a wagging tail. In that moment they pet me and greet me with a hello. These humans are very stressed, upset, hurting with back pain and at time emotional pain. There is such a language barrier. I can only telepath my thoughts. "Come on humans, is chasing tail really worth it?" I would love to say to them, look over there my master has this wonderful bookshelf of many books. Have you not read Ekhart Tolle's Being in the moment? Have you not watched me every visit when you come and see me lay on the floor and just be? That's why my master named me "Tobe" I am here just To Be. We have Loise Hay "Change your thoughts, Change your Life. We have great DVD's to watch with Abraham-Hicks work. Humans are you going upstream and chasing tail, or are you downstream and just being in the moment. At least if you are reading this blog now, you are in the moment! How, friken cool is that. Maybe too, if others read this post you were directed to see my Master Dr. Salo Stanley, Chiropractor, Sound Therapist in Fresno. She has a great sound therapy room with cool led lights, relaxing music, visual images playing and of course, those great tuning forks she puts on your body to relax. She helps you be in the moment and gets you connected back to source energy in the Universe. So is it really worth chasing tail? Wouldn't you like to feel more like your true being of light that you are? Well, I know my master wouldn't talk about it, so I wrote it for her. Come on Down!

4 paws to the wind blessing,