Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tobe's Tips "You can be Enlightened and still have a donut"

I lay on the floor of my master's office Salo Sounds and Healing Arts here in Fresno, California.

I feel enlightenment is being awake, aware being in the zone and feeling good. Many of the conversations that take place here at the office are vast. One common conversation is they are spiritually trying to read and learn. I see them reading Echart Tolle, Byron Katie, and listening to Abraham Hicks Cd's. They talk about how they want to do the very best also for their physical body. The conversations that I hear goes like this."I really want to do what is best for my physical body. I want to shop at the very best market, hmm maybe Whole Foods". But now I want to educate myself more who is the farmer? Was he in a good mood that day? Was the food sprayed? Are those vegetables sprayed? Should they be washed? Should you peel them? Should you cook them? Not cook them? Did anyone pee on the food? How long has the food been at the market? Were animals harmed? Were they grass fed? Were they stressed? With all that going on in your head might as well say "Shoot me now".

The thing that they don't realize is that they are vibration first and body is an extension of that vibration. That you are energy first connected to source. It is all vibration, the human body and your beliefs. Now with so much human worry of what is good and not good for ya, don't you think you humans are creating resistance when you are eating and stress just with all that going on in your head. Its all about vibration, not about what you are eating. Its about vibration, vibration, vibration. Heck my masters practice is called Salo Sounds and Healing Arts its about vibration and how you feel about what you are doing. My master practices vibration on your body everyday to help you remember who you are with tuning forks. That's why she calls it her practice. She practices it everyday. Remember as Abraham-Hicks says it is really about how it feels. If you feel good with your thoughts then you are in the vortex, you are centered. When your vibration is there, it doesn't matter what you eat. You can still be enlightened and eat a donut. Heck, I can say, I do!


Wisdom from a Four legged Zen Master


  1. Amen Tobe!

    Donut Lovers Unite!! Get in the Vortex and Eat A Donut!

  2. Tobe and Abraham are certainly on the same vibe! Almost word for word from an Abe!!!!! It's all good...all the time.....LOVE the Donut Blog! Great job Tobe! I knew you and Solo were doing ooooooooo....good vibrations! ♥

  3. Thanks reddivat, and thanks for bringing in Abraham to the office for me to read and reference too. Abraham I feel loves that I was able to share what they have to say for the human 2 legged race. Syncronistic that you brought the information in. It was in divine order in the Universe!

    4 paws to the wind blessings,

    Tobe references information of Abraham Hicks Toronto Canada 9/26/09.